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JPJ Professional Jewellery is one of the most prestigious jewellery businesses that meets the highest european standards in goldsmithing, jewellery designing and precious-metalsmithing. 

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Established in 1989 by Jolanta Ewa Jajszczyk – qualified goldsmith, jewellery designer and manufacturer; President of the JPJ Professional Jewellery; Chairman at the Chamber of Crafts and Trades Examination Commitee (Komisja Egzaminacyjna Izby Rzemiosła i Przedsiębiorczości) in Poland; Board Member at Guild of Craftsmen (1999-2011) in Lublin, Poland, and - since 2015 - Board Chairman at Guild of Craftsmen in Lublin, Poland and - in the same role - the first Board Chairman - woman in its history. Member of Nationwide Goldsmith Commitee  at Polish Crafts Association (Związek Rzemiosła Polskiego). 

Laureate and winner of renowned national and international competitions, such as:
  • National Goldsmith Craft Competition „Gold and Silver in Handicraft” („Złoto i srebro w rzemiośle”) 2013 (Ist prize and award from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland),
  • International Contest for the Design of an Artistic Jewellery with Amber Accompanying AMBERIF in 2006 and 2015 (IIIrd prizes), 
    and many others.
One of many important commissions received by JPJ Professional Jewellery was making a gold crown for the picture of Virgin Mary with her child Jesus in the Kościół Zbawiciela, church in Warsaw, Poland. In 1998 this crown was put on the holy picture by Pope, John Paul II, who blessed the picture and gave the words of blessing to JPJ Professional Jewellery goldsmiths, who made the gold crown. After that time JPJ Professional Jewellery has also begun to receive new commissions for church insignias, relics, roods, monstrances and other sacred objects making, repairing and restorating from all over the country.
JPJ Professional Jewellery also pays media’s attention. Through all these years JPJ Professional Jewellery with its goldsmiths gave many interviews for the radio, national and local press and took a participation in specialist tv documents and the most popular Polish tv programs, speaking up about jewellery field issues, showing goldsmiths’ traditional jewellery making techniques  and discussing the opportunities and threatens in this as demanding as incredibly fascinating field. 
After many successes in precious-metalsmithing field, in 2014 JPJ Professional Jewellery took part in the educational project  for the Ministry of National Education , titled: „NCA – New Competence and Ability”, in which best 193, various professions’ specialists from all over the country educate about the perspectives at the work in their field, present their workshop, sample techniques at work and inform about the possible career paths. JPJ Professional Jewellery, selected as one of the best jewellery specialists, shows jewellery profession as an interesting and rewarding proposition for these talented people, who’d consider their future career in art and craft field.
In 2007 Jolanta Ewa Jajszczyk was inscribed to the Who is Who in Poland (iWiW) – the biographic encyclopaedia of the most important Polish celebrities, activists and professionals in such fields like: economy, politics, science, art and culture, proudly representing JPJ Professional Jewellery as one of the most renowned jewellery trademarks in Poland.
JPJ Professional Jewellery for all this time has been and is widely esteemed for its professional services and the highest quality of unique jewellery that is above any comparison. 
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On the right - artwork titled „You are Your own good luck” by Jolanta Ewa jajszczyk, JPJ Professional Jewellery for the International Competition of Goldsmithery "Amulety"  ("Charms"), organized by State Gallery of Art in Legnica (1998)

Above – Ist prize artwork titled „Moon dung-beetle” (wings made with moonstone). Dung-beetle was made by Jolanta Ewa Jajszczyk and Maciej Walczak (JPJ Professional Jewellery) for the National Goldsmith Craft Competition „Gold and Silver in Handicraft” (2013), which subject was „The secrets enclosed in the stones”.

Laureates of the 1st prize, Jolanta Ewa Jajszczyk and Maciej Walczak (JPJ Professional Jewellery) holding the diplomas from the Bogdan Zdrojewski, Minister of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland and greetings from the Organizers of National Goldsmith Craft Competition „Gold and Silver in Handicraft” (on the picture). 

Jolanta Jajszczyk's iWiW Certificate  (2007)

Gold crowns made for the holy picture of Virgin Mary with Her Child, Jesus to the Kościół Zbawiciela church, blessed by John Paul II, the Polish Pope.