Currently we are most interested in collaboration with:

  •  Fashion Designers, Style Designers, Fashion Show Organisers – to create a non-replicable look and unique design for collections of clothes, their elements, accessories or individually designed collection of accessories and jewellery perfectly matched to the style of fashion clothes;

  • Glamour Models and Photographs – to add one of a kind character to the portfolio pictures, hiring our products;

  • Innovative Technology Project Managers – to support technological, engineering processes ordered in any part to work with precious metals;

  • Business Managers and Organizations – to create logo-brand accessories for companies, institutions and organizations;

  • Fashion Bloggers and Journalists – to put a press on jewellery fashion topics and to share the knowledge about: processes in working with precious metals and stones, understanding jewellery art values in communication and personal image creations, trends in jewellery fashion, past and innovative techniques in jewellery making, believes and superstitons in goldsmithing, so on and so forth.

In JPJ Professional Jewellery we do care about People: about our Customers, our Partners and Team Members. We do know and respect the value of the time put into the process of any hand-made creation by a single person. We understand the importance of Customers’ satisfaction that always becomes real, when we know that in the project there were engaged people who really cared: recommended Specialists, best Co-workers, creative Artists, Partners and responsible Professionals. 

A lot of, even the most challenging art projects, may be realized in a cooperation of People. That’s why we always choose the highest-quality solutions that help all of us evolve and successfully support even the most demanding designing concepts, fashion projects, artistic event programmes or glamour initiatives.

We are open for the new (also other discipline) project ideas, various business’ and/or fashion group’s initiatives, commercial and non-commercial orders and individual artists’ needs, supporting it with our professional services, knowledge and real passion for working with precious metals and creating hand-made jewellery, fashion accessories, utilitarian artwork objects, logo-brand products and much, much more.

Who are we interested to collaborate with?

We value People...

Join to our esteemed Partners!