But goldsmithing and silversmithing isn’t only about jewellery making.

This is also about designing and creating utilitarian objects in silver, gold or platinum that we find useful in everyday life. 

Some of these useful items could also be used for any commercial purposes - supporting our trademarks, marking out its own qualities or simply helping to make art and fashion collections more special.

We all used to look at the jewellery items as the reminders about little, but important talks; as a symbol of infinite love; as a way of speaking without using any words or as a way of showing our attitude, our gratefulness, our hopes and feelings to the others.

We used to see the jewellery as a part of our story but also as a simple expression of our own, one of a kind Self – the way to show our interests, our passions, our outlooks of life, or perspective at various things that aren’t very easy
in our Times to describe in words.


Jewellery’s one of a kind way of telling the story of our life. The same precious jewellery, given to the next generations, is a method to remember stories of our Grandparents and the history of the Past Generations.

This is the reason why every single piece of JPJ Professional Jewellery's art
is an individually designed and personally created masterpiece, available… just for You and Your needs.

As Jewellery Professionals, we know everything about working with precious metals – we can recreate anything that has ever been made, as we’re able to create  anything that hasn’t even come to anybody else’s mind yet.


In JPJ Professional Jewellery we do believe that there’s always a drop of magic in the products that are made with an authentic passion and respect.
We also believe that professional jewellery reflects our own, one of a kind, Self and gives its owners the understanding of the time’s value enclosed inside every tiniest part of the item.

The highest european standards in goldsmithing

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