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 - What type of services do we provide? -


Among a huge variety of our professional services in the precious metalsmithing field, we are strongly recommended by our esteemed Customers for such services like:

1) creating unique designs and making non-replicable items in all precious metals, including all types of gold, silver and platinum. For some individual commisions, we might also be able to use  other materials like wood, copper, titanum and other material parts in precious metal project, if needed.
2) realizing individual ideas and design projects (Your design - our realization),
3) jewellery casting process services
4) supporting engineering and technological processes in any kind of work with precious metals, e.g. founding and finishing small precious metal parts of some technological devices
5) logo and brand accessories for companies, institutions and organizations
6) repairing and restorating jewellery and other precious-metal items.
7) making the replications of any lost or stolen jewellery and its parts, based on the picture or descriptive item drawings.
8) hiring jewellery for fashion purposes, weddings and special occasions.


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 JPJ Professional Jewellery Services


In JPJ Professional Jewellery we represent the highest european standards in goldsmithing and jewellery designing.

As professionals, we have a strong conviction that life is all about putting our hearts in anything we do. And what comes as a result, alwyas wears the mark of Beauty.

We also believe that the most important part of life is doing what we love for people we care about.
This is why we especially dedicate our services to everyone who Cares – just as we Do.


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